11 Times Congress Has Declared War… And Why (@BuzzFeed Politics)


I love this article!

First, I’m glad that President Obama has decided to “punt to Congress” on the decision to attack Syria. Oh, it’s only IN THE CONSTITUTION.

My favorite picture from the article:

The British burned down the White House (and the US Capitol) during the War of 1812.



The U.S. stayed out of World War I until… Germany was all up in our business, conspiring with Mexico. How dare you, Germany! Now we shall fight you.

We also stayed out of World War II… until the Japanese BOMBED US. Not cool, Japan. Now we shall bomb you even harder. The United States Congress declared war on Germany, Japan, and Italy- and then later declared war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.

Now, what’s so hard about officially declaring war? Congress was able to legally declare war until the 1940’s. And we have NOT officially declared war since then. Wait, but we’ve been in 10 or so “wars” since then. What the?

This is an outrage. We have a constitution for a reason- to enforce the rule of law and to protect the citizens (us). The part in the Constitution that says Congress shall declare war, is to limit the power of the executive branch so that it doesn’t become tyrannical.

So, thank you, Obama. For doing what you’re supposed to be doing on this important issue.


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