Stupidest Government #Shutdown Reopening Tweets

Well, good morning! They United States government is now open for business again. After 16 days, Congress finally came up with a way to “kick the can further down the road” if you will.

Good things: The panda cam is now on again, people can resume their vacations in National Parks, and IRS workers can continue their satanic work- I mean, their productive work.

Of course, Twitter is blowing up about the #shutdown ending. This time, the tweets are even stupider, more stupid, stupidest, whatever.

Here we go!

Conspiracy girl- Duuuuuude, he knew the GOP would shut the shit down.

So racist! Cuz that makes sense.

I dont like to use any punctuation when i write my tweets they are so good i dont even need to omg the shutdown is over stupid people and their foodstamps

Yes, God is very relevant to the #shutdown.

I don’t even know what to say about this…

Wait… what?

Whew! Such angst today!

Yup, all the GOP’s fault…

What does this even mean? Have I ever mentioned how much I hate poorly-worded tweets?

You hit the nail on the head there, Butterworth. Wise words.

I’m… not… quite…sure what he’s trying to say here…? If it’s a Marxist state, then a #shutdown would absolutely affect the slave labor camps… er, wait…? It’s not worth it.

Gosh, the level of intellectual material on Twitter is outstanding.

Anndddd this is what people are most excited about…

FINALLY! I mean… 16 days? So much progress lost.

Hahaha, I think this was addressed to President Obama.

There are no words for this.

Yeeeah! He stupit!

Woah… woah… Maria, calm down. I doubt that the GOP “hate” poor people.

*Shaking my head*


Like… oh my god… the government is open now? Stfu!

Who’s “they”?

And now for some funny ones, to make you giggle:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA…HAHA..ha..ha Oh, I don’t think he was joking…

I hope you’ve enjoyed. I just love Twitter.

Twittah aint nevah shuttin’ down!!!


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