ObamaCare Website Problems Unacceptable

Healthcare.gov website down

The other morning I was listening to NPR and a man called in to share his story with the listeners. He said he was “sick of hearing only negative stories about Healthcare.gov” and it was time for Americans to hear a “success story”.

On October 1st, the man was able to get on the website and was able to shop around and pick out the plan that he wanted. Before he could register, though, the website kept crashing. So, he called the convenient 1-800 number that’s provided, and was able to talk with someone to complete the process.

A couple of weeks later, he hadn’t received a confirmation or heard anything, so he called the number back and they said they had “lost his information”. So, he went through the process again and set up his health plan. Now all is good.

He ended with, “So, I think it’s working pretty good and we should give the government some slack.”

Ummmm, what? Is this guy delusional? A company who loses it’s customers’ information is not doing “pretty well”.

We are 21 days in to the launch of Obamacare and STILL people cannot even get on the website to purchase it. Now, what they’re finding is that even if you can make it to the point of purchase, there are massive problems down the road, like “losing people’s information” and glitches in the system that confuse employees about who’s actually signed up and who’s not.

Bob Laszewski, a health policy analyst, told NPR this morning,

“It’s not uncommon for, say, John Doe’s enrollment to come through at 10 in the morning. And then at 10:30 something comes through that says John Doe’s unenrolled … and then enrolled and unenrolled again.”

How many years have they been planning this? And they couldn’t have crafted a website that actually works? It’s disgraceful!

At least President Obama can admit the website’s faults, saying that there’s no “sugar-coating” its failures. He seems optimistic though, that this great product and “largest expansion of the American Safety Net since the Great Society” will one day be useable by all.

Be weary, America. Be very weary.



2 responses to “ObamaCare Website Problems Unacceptable

  1. This is a good observation. Someone must have considerably low standards to accept this level of ineptitude. For that man’s sake, I hope he doesn’t accept the same standards for the quality of his healthcare.

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