Just Another Story of Incompetence


I read something interesting a while back.

In July of this year, in Fort Worth, Texas a city demolition crew was contracted to demolish a house located near the Lake Wroth Reservoir. Perhaps this house was abandoned, or perhaps just ugly, but for whatever reason, the city wanted it gone.

So, the crew came in and took it down, demolished it to pieces. Great job, Forth Worth, a job well done! Except … it was the WRONG house.

How … how on earth do you destroy the wrong house?

Apparently, the house belonged to a relative of a man named David Underwood. He and his wife just happened to be driving by the house one day and realized it was gone. Could you imagine, just a normal day, driving by your family’s lake house to admire its beauty, and, uh oh, it’s not there. What?!

Underwood said that the house had things inside, like antiques and personal items, and that the house had been in the family for decades.

I’m sure that the city will compensate Mr. Underwood’s family, but government’s can’t compensate memories – or antiques that could have been worth a lot of money.

An “unidentified neighbor” told Fox News that he had tried to warn the wrecking crew of their mistake when he realized they were demolishing the wrong house. Yes, they were demolishing the wrong house.

To make matters worse, the article I read quoted a man who lived in the neighborhood – not the owner of the demolished house – who said that this isn’t the first time it has happened in that area, so he keeps his house looking nice so that it won’t happen to him. And he laughed about it!

What kind of world do we live in, where you have to be afraid that the government will accidentally destroy your house? Are we living in Medieval France? Or the Aztec Empire?

No. This is the United States of America. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard than this.


[Originally published on Wollstonecrafty]


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