The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever


Twinkies finally returned to the shelves this summer, as delicious and terribly unhealthy as ever. But, this time, they are union free. Can you taste it?

The Twinkies and other Hostess goodies that you’ll be enjoying – or not, if you love yourself – will now be crafted by non-union workers.  It has been said that they add a little flavor of freedom to the sweet cream filling.

Before Hostess’ collapse, the workers unions demanded more and more, inflating the company’s debt. The bakers’ union issued a strike against Hostess, which was the final blow that caused Hostess to begin liquidating everything and firing its workers. And their demise unfolded.

Let’s not get too excited though. A little research shows that the union struggles were just the curly-q’s on the cupcake. Years of mismanagement, piles of debt, recurring bankruptcies and an inability to keep up with market forces are what really caused the company’s downturn.

The lesson here though, is that unions can- and do- cause harm. They can be the last nudge that knocks a company over, and they can cause harm to innocent bystanders.

For starters, the lavish pension requirements are often too much for companies to handle.  And in the public sector, pensions are robbing taxpayers of billions of dollars; you can see the destruction throughout the states right now.

On the other hand, unions are forceful. If you want to get a job at certain places, you are FORCED into joining a union, which means paying dues to people you may not know who can do things with your money that you might not agree with that you most likely didn’t vote for.

In private companies, unions serve as “labor cartels”, which restrict the amount of workers in a given business in order to drive up wages. This drives up costs for consumers and hurts the non-union workers wages.

And the list goes on…

So, as of July, we have at least two things to celebrate: Twinkies (duh), and liberty! Both delicious, good for the soul, and filled with freedom.

[Originally published on Wollstonecrafty]


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