ObamaCare and Me: A Hate Story

pissed-offI’ll cut right to the chase; I hate ObamaCare. And here’s why:

First, it FORCES people to buy a commodity, when it should be voluntary. That’s like forcing people to buy televisions because the government thinks they’re good for your mind. And it strips away the ability for people to make their own decisions.

Second, the new regulations have caused insurance premiums in the private market to go up an average of 40%. An AVERAGE. That means if you paid $100 a month before, you will now be paying $140 a month. But wait, does your deductible go down? NOPE. And that’s just the average. Young males in their thirties were hit the hardest.

Third, the ObamaCare plans are just as expensive as the private plans except they exclude some very important things like the high quality medical centers and cancer treatment facilities that save thousands of lives per year.

You might say, but waitYou probably qualify for a subsidy under ObamaCare if your income is low enough! This is true, except…

ObamaCare also expanded Medicaid, so now if you qualify for Medicaid you are not allowed to purchase a health plan within the exchanges. You HAVE to get Medicaid (or spend a ton of money on a private plan).

Isn’t that nice?

And, guess who falls into that category? ME.

But, I refuse to live off my fellow man. I refuse to be on a welfare program when I don’t need it. And most of all, I refuse to accept a shitty health care plan from the government because THEY determined that I can’t afford a better one. I say screw that.

I would rather get another job and work my ass off than take that crap from the government. You cannot force me to become reliant on you. I’m not your slave.

So, here are my options; get on Medicaid or purchase a private healthcare plan that will cost me around $250 a month for a decent deductible and coverage. I am one of the “youngsters” with some unsolved health problems that I know will need to be taken care of in the next year. I can’t afford to just pay a low premium and risk it with a high deductible. I could also wait until I make more money and apply again, hopefully qualifying for a slightly better plan.

Plus, who knows what will happen with this whole thing. With all the website problems- front end built like shit, back end not even built yet- and with 84% of democrats saying they want to change or repeal the bill, it could all be over by March of next year or be significantly different.

The problem is that many people need health insurance now- including myself. And our options have been limited, and the options that we do have are crumbling at the base. How are we to make decisions if we can’t even rely on a stable system?

Thanks, Obamacare, you’ve really SCREWED ME OVER.

*Note: A development since I wrote this one month ago:

I got a temporary plan for the month of December to cover my ass until I could either afford a private plan or purchase a plan off Healthcare.gov. As I’m sure you’re aware, It’s now January and my plan has expired. Guess what? I’m STILL WAITING TO HEAR FROM THE STATE. My application status is “waiting to hear from a state agency” whether or not I truly qualify for Medicaid (because also the state of Illinois has had massive problems with faulty medicaid qualifiers- effectively lying to thousands of people that they qualified, but in reality they don’t).

So, I still can’t sign up for healthcare via healthcare.gov and I can’t afford a private plan. Ha! Not to worry, I just renewed my temporary plan for another month. It only cost me $85! But, It’s not part of the new laws so no pre-existing conditions are covered and it only covers 80% of cost and my deductible is still $1,000. Not too bad, it could be worse. But it’s not great.



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